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About Consulting Services

Why will your choose our services?

VTR Consultancy is India's fastest growing home repair services platform. If you are looking for an expert in all appliance repair services, you are on the best platform.

We offer all kinds of services such as Air Conditioner Repair, Washing Machine Repair, Refrigerator Repair etc. at very affordable prices by our trained professionals and technicians.

We are well prepared organization in India we have such management from last years and we got positive response from our customers and we are supporting our customers for 100th time. We have trained repair personnel in the organization who can dive into detailed investigations of all products and brands. our services are right at your doorstep.

Why Choose us?

We have some features so you choose.


24/7 customer service

Aravina considers that 24/7 support can lead to better customer satisfaction.


Expert team members

We have a group of interdependent team members with a high level of task-related experts and the masters of team processes.


Affordable services

Aravina Infomedia's agenda is to offer you the service that is affordable compared to market standards. 


Quick support

We believe that quick support is the main service a client expects when we work together. So, we thrive to give support as quick as possible. 



Trustworthiness is an important quality in customer service, as it can lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty



Aravina believes that being reliable is an important quality in many areas of work as it helps build trust towards company.

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